The Heart of Practice: Understanding yoga from inside

The Heart of Practice is an invitation to explore the place of practice in a life guided by a path. It brings wisdom from the ancient traditions of Chan and Zen alongside insights and methods of Yoga, which links the intelligence of the body with the adventure of consciousness. This book explains clearly and accessibly the practices of meditation, breath control and posture, highlighting their effect on the person and personality. It reflects on the obstacles that can arise on the path, offering ways to work with these, so as to bring closer our spiritual endeavors and daily life. Finally, it describes practicing at the most difficult moment of all: when the body falls apart and death approaches. This book will be a precise guide and a steady friend to new practitioners, established students, and also to experienced teachers, in Yoga and in other traditions. It throws wise and fresh light on the questions of teaching, learning and the shared queries that accompany us in our lives.


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