Support for Vijñāna Yoga Teachers
Vijñāna Yoga International Foundation is a non-profit organization. It was founded  by Orit Sen Gupta to support Vijnana Yoga and  Vijñāna Yoga teachers in various ways. To this end, Vijñāna Yoga International has developed several projects.

International Teacher Training
As Vijñāna Yoga is expanding, the foundation is offering an international teacher training, in order to foster in-depth study of Vijñāna Yoga.

To promote the teachings of Vijñāna Yoga the foundation will publish practice manuals and books. Orit Sen-Gupta is currently working on several books.

Promote Vijñāna Yoga Teachers
The foundation will promote Vijñāna Yoga teachers by providing an automated index of certified Vijñāna Yoga Teachers worldwide on this website.

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