Orit Sen-Gupta teaches international retreats in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Mexico, the Netherlands, Finland and the USA. Below you will find the current dates of her retreats. For more information, please contact the local organizers.


International Retreats and Workshops: October 2014 – July 2015 

11th -12th of October 2014
Workshop in Helsinki, Finland
Contact: Jutta

24th -28th of October 2014  
Retreat in Mexico
Contact: Diana Eichner:

31rst Oct -5th of November 2014
Retreat in Canada
Contact: Gioia Irwin:

3rd -8th January 5
Retreat, Venlo, Holland
Contact: Teresa Caldas:

10th- 15th of January 2015,
Retreat,Immenstadt Germany
Contact-Eva Oberndoerfer:

13th till the 19th of April  2015
Retreat – Gadot, (Near the lake of Nazareth),   Israel
Contact: Tzafi Shelef:

03th -17th of July 2015 
Long 14 day Retreat, Immenstadt, Germany
Contact: Ute Wohlmuther:
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Practice aid
At her retreats, Orit uses a digital timer. This is the
Vijñāna Yoga Timer.

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