Teacher training

Orit Sen-Gupta
Orit Sen-Gupta is teaching an international Vijñāna Yoga teacher training. This course is designed for people who have been studying Vijñāna Yoga and would like to participate in a comprehensive Vijñāna teacher training.


Three-years, 800 academic hours
Training continues over three consecutive years (2009/2010/2011), and includes a total of 800 academic hours: 600 contact hours and 200 non-contact hours. Each of the three years will be taught in an intensive 20-day semester in July, started in 2009.

Vijñāna Yoga teaching diploma
With the successful completion of the training, students will receive a teaching diploma from Vijñāna Yoga International. Then they can apply to be a registered Vijñāna Yoga teacher at Vijñāna International, and to use the trademarked Vijñāna Yoga logo.

Course goals

  1. Study of the asanas (intermediate portion of the practice manual) and the practice of them.
  2. Practice of just sitting, pranayama and the vayus.
  3. Deepening the understanding and practice of the basic principles: relaxing the body, quieting the mind, focusing through intent, rooting, connecting, awareness of breath.
  4. The practice of three techniques of kriyas (cleansing): Uddiyana Bandha, Agni Sara and Nauli.
  5. Reading and study of the main yogic texts.
  6. Knowledge of the fundamentals of the skeletal line.
  7. Mastering basic didactic tools for teaching the techniques of yoga.

Certification requirements

  1. Participation in all three semesters of the course.
  2. Home practice on a daily basis.
  3. Writing two papers about classical yoga texts.
  4. Writing one didactic paper.
  5. Teaching a yoga class during the teacher training.
  6. Final Project - choosing between four categories: intellectual, creative, teaching, practice diary.
  7. Evaluations where each student will perform asana and pranayama practice will take place at the end of the third year.

Germany, Immenstadt
The training location will be Seminarzentrum Riederalp in Germany. The retreat center is located in a small town called Immenstadt.

4-24 of July 2010
The second semester will take place from 4-24 July 2010. The semester will begin on Sunday, the 4th of July at 12:00 noon. The semester will end on Saturday the 24th of July at 13:00 hours

The dates for the third year is:
Sunday, 3 July, until Saturday 23 July, 2011.


  1. Minimum of three years yoga practice.
  2. Experience in Vijñāna Yoga.
  3. Interview with Orit Sen-Gupta.
  4. Readiness for in-depth study that will require daily practice.

Commitment for three years
The training will take place over three consecutive years of 20 days each, starting in July 2009 in Switzerland. As there are only 28 places and many applicants, only those who can commit to all three years will be eligible to participate in the course.

The Teacher Training costs each year are: €1,200 tuition and €1,170 for accommodations. The total cost for tuition will be €3,600 and for accommodations will be €3,510. The accommodation includes three organic vegetarian meals and lodging in a double room.

Contact person
For all questions about this International Teacher Training, please contact Ute Wohlmuther at

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