Vijñāna Yoga Timer


Vijñāna Yoga Timer

Timed Chimes, Silence, and Clicks
Vijñāna Yoga Timer is a yogi’s practice aid in mp3 music format. Time your practice to the peaceful, gentle sounds of bells, silence, and clicks. No more having to end a peaceful session to annoying alarm sounds. No more having to peek at your watch while practicing.

Recommended by Orit
Orit Sen-Gupta makes good use of this Timer in her personal practice and her classes and workshops. Practicing with the Timer frees you from having to decide, think, or instruct the class, when to move to the next asana. It also creates an even rhythm in the class both in Asana and Pranayama. The Timer also ensures you practice right and left sides of the Asanas evenly.

Compatible mp3 format
Mp3 is playable in most home devices like computers, CDs, DVDs and especially suitable for your mobile devices: mp3 players, mp4 players, Mobile Phones, iPods, iPhones and laptops. Most mobile devices have a built-in speaker so you won’t need to use headphones. Now you can turn your personal device into a Meditation & Yoga Timer.

Example tracks
Let yourself relax into your practice by using this smart timer, making practice simple and enjoyable. There are 39 tracks in total, each contains a picture of Orit Sen-Gupta. You can listen and view some
sample tracks (external web site) of the Vijñāna Yoga Timer.

Made by Ofer Chay
Ofer is a Vijñāna Yoga practitioner and teacher (see his photo below at holy Arunachala hill where Ramanamaharshi lived). For further information or questions, you can contact Ofer in Israel:
Tel: +972-54-5611426 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +972-54-5611426      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Price $19.99
The Vijñāna Yoga Timer is receiving many great responses and costs only $19.99. You can pay through PayPal by using a credit card. Afterwards you can immediately download the package. Instructions for installation and use are provided.

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